Leader of Ukrainian Citizen Support for the War Effort Concludes National Canadian Tour

Toronto, April 20, 2015… Serhiy Kuzan, a volunteer coordinator from the “Free People” organization in Ukraine toured Canada’s largest cities to thank Ukrainian Canadian communities for their support of the Ukrainian war effort. Throughout the 24-day tour, organized by the League of Ukrainian Canadians (LUC) and its “Friends of Ukraine Defence Forces” Fund, Mr. Kuzan was assisted by Orest Steciw, President of the LUC. The tour included 11 cities across Canada (organized by LUC and LUCW chapters with the support of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC), Ukrainian Youth Association of Canada (CYM), as well as seniors clubs in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Toronto, Etobicoke, St. Catharines, Oshawa, London, and Hamilton) and held 20 meetings with the local Ukrainian communities, opinion makers, journalists, clergy, students and government officials. The meetings focused on Ukraine’s citizen response to Russia’s war in eastern Ukraine, the state of the Ukrainian army and the general socio-economic and political situation in Ukraine.
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